How to Preform a Compression Test on a RB26DETT | R32 Skyline GTR

Hey guys, I did a compression test on my motor because I wanted to know how healthy my motor was and because I was curious to see if my car was beat on by the previous owner. Someone on one of my videos commented, saying that my car mileage was wrong because by the looks of my motor my car definitely had over 100k KM on it and I should do the 100k KM maintenance on it. While I appreciate someone trying to help by having me avoid a major engine rebuild, I disagree that my mileage was wrong. It’s JEVIC certified and the car is super clean. I believe it only has 34k KM on it.

By the results of my compression test, I believe my KM’s to be accurate and it may be time for more boost! 🙂

If you need a compression test tool, I highly recommend this one: OTC 5606 Compression Tester Kit (using my link to buy helps to support my website and helps me create new content, thank you for the support!)

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