Installed Aftermarket Gauges In My R32 Skyline GT-R

Hey everyone, I recently installed some aftermarket gauges in my GT-R. I figured it would be cool to record the process. I installed an electronic boost gauge by Spek Pro, electronic oil pressure gauge by Spek Pro, and a wideband o2 air/fuel gauge by PLX Devices. Only the Boost gauge is currently working because I haven’t installed the sensors for the oil or wideband yet. But I will get to those very soon! Enjoy the video…


  1. Byron Doman Reply

    Good day, i really enjoy your vids, they are very informative, i dont own a gtr, but i recently purchased an r32 gt with the rb20e engine, i know there isnt much going for that engine, which i will swap out over time. I basically need some info as to how to get the most from it for now…..thank you…..from Jamaica…..

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      Hey there Byron, I’m not as familiar with the RB20DE motor, but like any car, you can do basic upgrades to help out performance. You can do air filter replacement or a whole intake kit. And you can do an upgraded exhaust system to help the engine breath better. Good luck man!

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