Picture Slideshow Video of My GTR after I Won it at Auction

After Auction Pictures

Sup everyone!? I thought I’d make a slideshow video showing the pictures that my exporter sent me after I won my car at the JDM Auctions! He did a really great job getting a lot of angles and showing any kind of flaw he could find. I didn’t include the pictures of him pointing out dings and scratches, obviously because I wouldn’t do that in real life either! Can you image someone pulling in to a car show and getting out of the car and pointing out all of it’s flaws? I think not! lol

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Dan Reply

    Did you basically know more or less everything there was to know about the car that you were bidding on or were there any surprises at the end? Did you know that the car was in the shape that you wanted before you bid on it?

  2. Chris Bissell Reply

    I know this is old, but I found you on Youtube and was wondering what your adventure of getting your GTR entailed. I’m curious who you used for auction and shipping?

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