How to Pull the Engine Out of a R32 Skyline GTR

What is up people!? So this passed weekend I finally was able to pull the motor out of my 1990 R32 Skyline GTR. I have some winter upgrades to do to the car and a couple of them require removing the engine from the car. I have to get the crank machined for my new Supertec Racing spline drive kit for the new N1 oil pump I’m going to install on the RB26! If you ever wanted to “see” someone pull a RB26DETT (or in my case RB26DET) out of a R32 Skyline GTR…look no further. Here is a step by step guide on how pull the engine out:

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  1. Ellis Williams Reply

    nice vid, I know you sold the BNR a while ago. but glad you still have this up! Its a Good quick reference for my engine removal.

    • Goodezilla Post authorReply

      Hey, thank you! I haven’t sold the car, it’s still in the garage! Just haven’t had much going on regarding the car to make more videos on it lately. When I do, I’ll be sure to post! Thank you for commenting and watching!

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