R32 Skyline GT-R Air Vent Replacement

After winning my auction for the car in Japan, I found out that the air vents in the car were basically melted. Not sure how that happens, but they were very fragile and needed to be replaced. I ordered some replacements from overseas and they are mint! The old vents were so fragile they broke apart when I tried to remove them with my fingers. It looks 100x better now. Here are some before and after pictures:

new vs old center

center before

center removedcenter after

left before

left removed

left after


  1. Agent83 Reply

    Where did you order your vents? I need the round one by the driver door but am having trouble finding it or its part number…

  2. Jason Gtst Reply

    I’ve been searching around for a how to on this. Do the vents just pull out or do you need to remove the dash? Mine just broke kinda started falling apart like you said but mine don’t look melted like yours did.

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      They just pull right out. Mine came out in pieces from being so brittle.

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