My First Time Driving My R32 Skyline GT-R in the USA


Hey everyone, I finally got my GT-R registered and titled in the state of Virginia! It’s LEGAL!

It was a heck of a process, and I’ll be writing up a blog entry of my entire experience and how it could be for you too if you decide to try to import a vehicle from Japan. In this video I drive my car on the public roads for the first time! I am sitting on E for fuel level and it’s an interesting experience to say the least. Check out my video below!

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  2. Tony Reply

    Bad ass R32 GTR man. As I watch your first time driving video I’m looking at the scenery out the car windows and was like man that looks so familiar, and then realized hey he lives in the same city as do. Lol small world. I used to own a 240sx all modded out but got in way to much trouble with it so I sold it. Wish I could have owned a Skyline though. Definitely got to catch you out around town and see it in person.

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      Thank you! That’s awesome you’re from around here! I’ll be driving it around town whenever I can! Catch ya around!

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