Picking My R32 Skyline GT-R Up From the Baltimore Port

Hey guys, I never did get all the footage I wanted of picking up the car as it was a hectic day. But I did get some footage and decided to put together a short little video and play around with it in editing. Stay tuned for more R32 Skyline GT-R content!


  1. Dan Reply

    I thought I left a comment already oh well. What I was wondering was before you bid on the car did you pretty much know what to expect from it when you got it or were there any surprises? Did you know it would be as clean as you expected? Basically how good was the information you got from the auction sheet and importer? Did it live up to o your expectations? Thanks

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      Hi Dan, the Auction sheet is pretty much all you have to go on, but they usually do a great job with the inspections. There really wasn’t any surprises that weren’t covered on the sheet. I did get an upgraded clutch that wasn’t listed on the sheet. The importer made a video and took a lot of pictures for me once the car got to their lot on the port. So I was able to see it before it got on the boat to the USA.

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      Hey Dan, The export company did not look over the car. Some companies may be able to do that. But usually the inspection from the auction inspectors is all you have to go on. The company I used helped me make decisions on what to bid on and what to avoid based on their experience with the auction system.

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