R32 Skyline – Budget Brembo Brake Upgrade

Hey guys, I finally got around to installing my Brembo brake caliper upgrade! These calipers are from a Nissan 350Z and are the same size as R33 Skyline GTR Brembo brakes. They use 324mm rotors from a 350z, just like the R33 Brembo calipers. Only…these brake calipers and rotors can be purchased for half the cost of R33 Brembos or less! Watch the video below to see how to do the upgrade and install. I’ve provided links below to all the parts I used for the upgrade. They are Amazon referral links, so if you use my link it helps me out! Thank you guys!



  1. Brian Reply

    Hello! Just want to bring up a couple of either mistypes or error. First is the statement that the rotor diameter for the 350z and R33 GTR being 296mm. The R33 GTR, late model R32 GTR rotors are 324mm. The 350z is 324mm, which is why it’s an ideal low cost upgrade. But while the diameter is the same, it’s important to state that the offset is not. This is important so people know that the 350z and R33/late R32 rotors/calipers are not completely mix and match.

    Also, for early R32 GTRs and GTS-ts that want something bigger than the 280mm rotor, they can use the R33 GTS25T. Because it’s such a boat it got 296mm rotors. I’ve got those on my R32 sedan. Thanks for the info about the thread inserts! I was about to drill out to the 14mm for mine, but really didn’t want to and all the 12mm inserts I had come across before were 16mm outer diameter.

    Here’s links to the rotor specs:

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      Hi Brian, Thank you for the comment! Good catch on the typo, I will correct that. And I do mention the offset difference in the video, where I show the clearance difference on my caliper to wheel space. Good info you gave. I appreciate the support!

  2. Dave Reply

    Goodezilla,have you done your rear upgrade with brembos ,if so can you give me links for those,if not ,do you plan on doing the rears at some point, thanks

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      Hi Dave, I did no do any rear brake upgrades at this point in time. I may do them in the future though.

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