R32 Skyline GTR APEXi Power Intakes Install

So in the process of resoldering and cleaning my AFM (Air Flow Meters), I decided to install my APEXi Power Intakes system. It basically just replaces the stock air box with individual elbows and filters. The install is pretty easy once you figure out which parts go where. The entire instruction sheet was written in Japanese! Luckily there was a picture/diagram and I was able to figure out which brackets attached to which bolts. I’ll be making a after install video showing the sound of the new intakes. (Teaser: they sound awesome, and the blow off valves are audible now)


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  2. Joey Galloway Reply

    Have you upgraded the MAFs to the Z32s yet? Are these a straight swap on the Apexi intake kit from the OEM MAFs?

    • flowgoode Post authorReply

      No, I have a single turbo setup on the car. No more MAFs. MAP sensor tuning with Haltech Platinum Pro ECU.

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